welcome to dilly's commission page! you might've seen me (or not- i like to lurk a lot) on ChickenSmoothie, FlightRising and a couple other sites.

feel free to browse through the examples and contact me if you wish to order a commission! the buttons on the side will offer my contact info, but you can also message me on CS and FR.

Places To Find Me!

Discord - dillykai#2225 [preferred]
Email - dillykai00@gmail.com [preferred]
instagram - dillykai
Twitter - dillykai
facebook - dillykai
DeviantArt- dillykai
Tumblr - dillyarts

terms and conditions

By commissioning me in anyway, you are agreeing to the terms of my service. Terms will be updated and added to as I see fit.

• payment is received through PayPal only!
- alternate payment may be discussed
- local bank in available for Malaysian customers
• I use invoices !
refunds are not applicable
• I reserve the right to use the final commission and process work leading up to the final commission in my portfolio, social media sites (i.e. Tumblr, Instagram, Blogs, Artstation, etc), websites, etc. and to be used as examples.
• Commissions are intended for non-commercial use only. Commissions cannot be mass-produced, used for profit or to advertise people, businesses, or products.

• i take payment after sketches are done and shown for approval. at this point, you may ask for minor changes.
• if you would like to commission me for another type of art, feel free to message me!
• you can upload to other sites as long as due credit is given! my TH and DA user is dillykai
• i may also take alternate forms of payment, ask me about them!

will do

feral, anthro, human, mlp, small amount of blood/bruises, candy gore

won't do

mecha, nsfw, hate art


  • style 1- unshaded [$10], shaded [$15]

  • style 2 [$5]

waist up

  • style 1- unshaded [$20], shaded [$25]

  • style 2 [$15]


  • style 1- unshaded [$30], shaded [$40]

  • style 2 [$25]

reference sheet

  • basic [$40]- 1 fullbody, 1 headshot, 1 alternate hairstyle/accessory

  • the works [$80]- 2 fullbodies, 2 headshots, 1 alternate hairstyle/accessory, +1 extra of your choice.

  • wardrobe [$40]- 3 outfits, +$10 for each extra outfit after the first 3


  • alternate form +$5 - $15

  • additional headshots +$8 each, or +$20 for a pack of 3

  • props (familiar, weapon, etc) +$5 - $10

add ons

+ 1 character+50%
rush fee+$5

feel free to ask about anything else!

style 1

lined, allows for more complicated designs and more details.

style 2

good for soft feels, suitable for feral and anthro.
does not suit humanoids very well.

reference sheets

design examples